Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bucket List

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! During a slightly boring constitutional law class today (hey, it happens), I got inspired to start revising my life goals list/ bucket list.

Here are a few highlights from my list, at least ones I'm willing to share! I hope they might prove to be inspirational for somebody else:
  • Graduate summa cum laude from law school and pass the bar exam on my first try
  • Participate in or coordinate a research project or lecture series on issues of neuroscience and the law
  • Write and publish a bestselling book
  • Become a certified Spanish interpreter for civil court proceedings
  • Be completely debt-free by December 31, 2016 (yes, that includes student loan debt--this is 2 1/2 years after I will graduate from law school)
  • Buy my own home and write a check at the closing to pay for the entire thing (no loans, no mortgage, no debt)
  • Eventually, get to a point where I live on 10% of my income and give away the other 90%
  • Visit every state in the US
  • Go to Italy, South Korea, and the Holy Land
  • Watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon
  • Read the New Testament in the original Greek
  • Learn how to play the violin
  • Read at least 100 "classic" or "award-winning" books
  • Learn how to speak Korean
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Go snowboarding
  • Complete the Tough Mudder race
  • Bench press my body weight
  • Ride a roller coaster
  • See a play on Broadway
  • Read the Bible through every year for the rest of my life
  • Do something incredibly heroic and selfless for someone who could never repay me (like donating my bone marrow, etc.)
  • Get a standing ovation
Even though there are a LOT more goals on the list left to be completed than ones I've already achieved, here are some goals on the list I've been able to check off:
  • Graduate from Washington and Lee University with honors
  • Spend a day exploring ancient Corinth
  • Sponsor children through World Vision
  • Study abroad in Costa Rica
  • Assist in research for a Bible commentary
  • Learn how to read ancient Greek
  • Go to the midnight showing of a movie
  • Drive a horse and buggy in Amish country
  • Go surfing
  • Spend a night outside under the stars
. . . . What goals are on your bucket list?
And here's a song that has really been speaking to me lately . . . "Always Enough" by Casting Crowns.

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