Get to Know Me

Follower of Christ. 
Family law attorney. It brings me great joy to minister to people, in some small way, in times of brokenness. 
Living in Georgia and loving it; definitely a Southern girl at heart. 
Avid reader. 
Always chasing after a goal or, usually, lots of them. 
Always in the mood for a long heart-to-heart with a dear friend, a Jodi Picoult novel, or a good episode of Friends. 
Hoping to encourage and inspire everyone who visits my blog. 

I want this blog to be like the online version of your favorite coffee shop . . . a place where you're invited to linger, to comment, to get comfortable, to discuss, to connect with others, and to, metaphorically, sip your honey vanilla latte in front of the fireplace and stay awhile. If you want to know more about what makes me excited, what I love, and what I passionately want to do with my life, check out my mission statement. Thanks for reading!

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