Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Weekend

Today I did something I've always wanted to do . . . drove home for the weekend without telling my parents I was coming, and got to totally surprise them. It was so much fun!

My sister was going home for the weekend too, and my parents knew that she was coming, although she told them she'd be getting there a lot later Friday night than she actually planned to. I hadn't been planning to go home at all, but I talked to Mom on Tuesday and could just tell she really wanted me to come back. I would normally never go for just the weekend . . . it's almost a 6-hour drive and we all know how much gas costs these days. But as soon as I got off the phone, I started thinking about how much fun it would be and how special it would be for my parents if I just came home anyway, without telling them ahead of time.

At first, I was going to surprise my sister too, but then decided to tell her ahead of time and we planned the whole thing out. She told Mom and Dad she'd be getting in around 11 tonight, even though she really planned to be here about 6:30. I skipped my last class, left all the work behind for the weekend (I mean, it will still be there when I come back), and drove home. My sister and I figured out where my parents were having dinner tonight, and we both walked in together to the restaurant around 7pm and surprised them there. The look on their faces was priceless! They never had ANY idea that I was coming home, and they weren't expecting my sister for hours. I've never tried to surprise them like this before, so they had absolutely no clue. It was great. I'm so glad I came, and am looking forward to a good weekend. I know I didn't really have time to come home and have way too much to do this weekend, but it's going to be good for me to get away anyway. It's really easy to let law school take over your life, and I need to remember that I have to get away once in awhile just to stay balanced. Looking forward to a good weekend. :)

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