Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Wonderfully Unproductive Saturday

Today has been pretty much the most relaxing day ever. I have pretty much done nothing all day, and it's been amazing. I slept in and didn't actually really get out of bed until after noon, because I was surfing the Internet, watching an episode of Friends, and doing a little journaling. Then I washed a bunch of dishes and cleaned my kitchen (ok so I did do one productive thing), and then took a really long meandering walk downtown. I went to Barnes and Noble and read magazines. I came back and took an approximately three-hour nap. (I do believe I am caught up on sleep now.) I did a lot more writing. Then I ordered in some pizza with chicken, pineapple, garlic, and red onion from this little pizzeria in my neighborhood, made brownies, watched some more episodes of Friends from the hilarious season 4, which is my favorite, and painted my nails bright green (I haven't had them painted all month because of trying to be professional for my job . . . but I'm pretty sure no one at my casual office cares what color my nails are). It has been so great to basically do nothing but sleep, write, read, eat, and watch TV all day. I feel more rejuvenated than I've felt in a long time. The stress of the past month has been really taking it out of me, but I feel renewed and after a LOT of therapeutic journaling, I feel a new resolve to excel at my job and have new ideas on how to handle its demands.

My journaling session also made me realize that no matter how the rest of the summer goes, I have accomplished what I came here to accomplish, and it feels so good. I came here to get over my fear of living alone in the middle of a huge city (check), to get over my fear of driving in a big city (check), to get experience that I can't get just anywhere (check), and to determine if I could live in a place like this long-term (yes, I could, in case you're wondering, and to my great surprise, I kind of want to! I'm seriously considering moving here after graduation). So it's been an encouragement to know that I did exactly what I came here to do, and it's been worth it just for that.

Tomorrow I'm planning on church and maybe going to see The Great Gatsby with Ashley, and then I'm taking Monday off just because. It's my mental health day. I'd like it to include some combination of library-hopping (going to 4 or 5 libraries in one day until I have, like, 40 books checked out), going to the nearby art museum, or going hiking, since there are some great trails nearby. It has been so good to have a day just to take care of me, and I need to make it a point to have days like this when I'm able to this summer because I need them. Work can wait. The Moot Court competition I have to plan can wait. Planning law review orientation can wait. This weekend, I am taking a break. :)

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