Friday, July 5, 2013

Things to Be Happy About . . .

It's about time for one of these lists again...because writing them makes me smile:

1) when all your favorite bloggers write new posts at one time

2) Elin Hilderbrand books

3) discovering that inspirational song that you know is going to be your new summer jam

4) merging onto a clean interstate, with not a car in sight in front of or behind you

5) the salty buttery deliciousness of popcorn while watching a scary movie with all the lights out, jumping at every sound (and by the way, this is how it's done.)

6) throwing off your high heels at the end of a LONG day of work . . . and driving home barefoot.

7) a freshly updated resume, ready if the employer of your dreams would call and want to meet with you TODAY.

8) sandwiches with goat cheese, chicken salad, and blackberry jam

9) that deep and profoundly peaceful realization that it is so, so well with your soul

10) going a day without getting stuck in traffic even once

11) that moment when you finally click with someone and feel like you can stop trying to impress them and just be real with them

12) exercising till you're soaked in sweat and have an endorphin rush

13) realizing that you are capable of more than you thought and you're stronger than you thought

14) the revival of long-lost friendships

15) telling people "I don't want to drink tonight" and having them not make a big deal of it

16) booking those plane tickets to finally see your best friend from college

17) a good reputation, if you have one

18) those moments when you're so productive you wish you could bottle your motivation and energy

19) reading an article that PERFECTLY captures the opinion you've had for years but just couldn't put into words

20) bath and body products

21) home

22) clothes fresh from the dryer

23) waking up on Saturday and realizing you can go back to sleep!

24) when someone gives you the most unexpected, best compliment ever and you turn their kind words over in your mind for days to come

25) sunshine after days of rain

26) courage

27) freshly vacuumed carpets, sparkling clean sinks, spotless mirrors, mopped floors, clean sheets, and just all-around, a clean home

28) realizing that you're actually totally going to make it . . . to work on time, through your tough situation, to the end of your semester, etc.

29) the Friends theme song.

30) the first night after a HUGE problem or worry has been resolved or relieved, when you sleep wonderfully and can finally truly relax for the first time in who knows how long

31) waking up the first morning after something amazing happened the day before (think getting a job, getting into college, etc.), and suddenly remembering what it was as your brain fully wakes up--and being able to get incredibly excited all over again

32) knowing that no matter how far away you find yourself in years or miles, you can ALWAYS find your way back to your college town. Back to those little coffee shops where you spent hours upon hours chatting with friends, back to that campus you've always loved, back to the house you lived your last year, and back to the memories that you still treasure.

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