Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back in the Swing of Things

And suddenly, the semester is back in full swing and I'm every bit as busy as I was last semester. This week's to-do list includes things like:

  • do laundry ASAP (actually, this has reached the level of an emergency situation. I needed to do it 5 days ago. Now I really, really need to do it.)
  • work on my divorce mediation notebook
  • start the crash course in First Amendment law before the client counseling competition and start helping to coach the 2Ls in how to conduct the client counseling session
  • finish editing globalization and trade manuscript
  • email multiple people to set up informational interviews
  • prepare direct examinations for trial practice
  • prepare petitioner's argument for Friday's moot court practice
  • speed-read the Fair Labor Standards Act section of as many of the 200 team briefs as I possibly can before competition in one month
  • join a small group at church
  • do a few final runs to prepare for Saturday's 5K 
And I could go on, but you get the idea. But even though I sometimes wish I had more time to sleep and/ or watch TV, I 100% prefer running around to meetings and classes and the gym and working on projects all day to sitting around bored (as was the case over Christmas break). Right now, I'm also on a mission for the next few days. There's an attorney who works about an hour and a half away from here that I'm dying to meet because we have both my undergrad and my law school in common, and I feel strongly that he will be a great resource for me in getting a job, so I emailed him last night to ask if we could meet. I then found out in a semi-stalkerish fashion that he's running the same 5K as me on Saturday, so now I'm determined to meet him on Saturday. I just sense that he is a resource I don't want to miss out on in my job search, and that he could, and will, help me a lot. I know that meeting important people for coffee to discuss careers after you've both run a 5K and could use a shower is not really how you're supposed to network, but I feel like it's how I'm going to do it anyway! Updates to come soon. 

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