Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Celebrating New Beginnings!

So this is my view until tomorrow evening:

Yes, I'm at one of my favorite places in the world--Tybee Island on the Georgia coast! Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and last week I got a new job, so some celebration was definitely in order! Last Friday was my last day at my old firm. I will really, really miss everybody. In fact, I already do. I got a good start to my career there, and it was certainly bittersweet to leave. But I wanted to get a different kind of experience and develop additional skills beyond just family law, so I've found a firm that will get me in the courtroom right away and where I'll be practicing some family law, but also trusts, estates, & fiduciary litigation. I'm really excited about it. It's a small firm, and I'm confident I'm going to get a lot of experience there and really bring my career to the next level. I accepted the offer last week and will be starting on May 31st. So yesterday morning I drove out here to the beach for some serious rest & relaxation. I am SO excited about having two weeks off to basically do whatever I want, and my plan involves lots of running and hiking, a 10K, strawberry picking, art museums, going to cute local coffee shops, a couple of day trips, going to the aquarium, trying out some new restaurants, reading A LOT (stay tuned for my summer reading list), some farmers' markets, some volunteering, some boot camp classes, some cleaning and organizing, and a whole lot more. Basically my plan is to have at least one adventure a day (essentially, to try something new every day, whether that's a coffee shop I've never been to or a fitness class I've never attempted).

But meanwhile, I am enjoying some quiet, deeply reflective, much-needed time at the beach. It's been storming all day, so I've mostly been reading my Lisa Scottoline book, writing, thinking about life, etc. And I really haven't minded. I did get in a great sunrise walk on the beach this morning before the weather turned bad. And in a little while I may drive off the island for dinner in Savannah. But mostly it's been some great time to reflect on this season of transition. I am truly excited for what is to come. I have needed to make some changes in various parts of my life for a long time, and I've set out to make those changes now, and I'm so happy with it. So I will leave you with that for now, because I really have to finish that book!

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