Friday, July 8, 2016

The Last Two Months in Pictures

I've not posted nearly as many pictures on this blog as I would like, so without further ado, here are quite a few from the last while:

This is the "travel wall" I put together in my living room and I LOVE it. It really emphasizes a lot of the places that are meaningful to me and/or my favorite places in the world: Lexington, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Venice; Paris; Iceland; Rome. 

Atlanta skyline:

Best Mexican food (and cocktails!) at Minero at Ponce City Market:

My first time trying avocado toast (and the book was really great, by the way):

Splash of colors on the Atlanta Beltline trail! It's totally fair to run on this trail just for the beautiful murals:

Beach beach beach:

Also: first time trying an acai bowl. It did not disappoint.

My friend and I made it to the top of Stone Mountain (not us in the picture though)!

My sweet friend sent me these beautiful flowers to celebrate my new job:

More wall murals:

Just about the best cheeseburger I've ever had, from Fred's Meat & Bread at Krog Street Market. 

This is a random mural on the side of a Kroger:

Love those sunsets!

New favorite coffee shop, new favorite book:

I finally hiked Mt. Yonah and it was BEAUTIFUL:

More to come, eventually!

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