Saturday, September 22, 2012

What I'm Loving This September

Y'all, these past two weeks have been an absolute blogging FAIL and I know it. Which could be why I have approximately 1.3 readers remaining. (If that's you, thank you!) Sorry to be so inconsistent with posting . . . as my sister said, "You're breaking your own rules about blogging!" Yes, it's true, I totally have broken the post-four-times-a-week rule that I idealistically designed about a month ago. Unfortunately, I think that will come with the territory over the next couple of months as I try to finish this semester, but I will do my best to post something new/ interesting at least a couple times a week.

Over the past two weeks, my life has pretty much consisted of classes, Mock Trial, interviews for summer associate positions next year, working on my case note for law review, and trying to spend time with friends and be social/ find time to sleep.

But here's a few things I've been really enjoying in the past couple weeks:

1) DIY French manicures. I have never had a "real" French manicure done, and a couple weeks ago I decided that I really wanted one to look professional for some events I had coming up. But being the cheap person that I am, I didn't want to pay to have one done in a nail salon. So I bought some white polish and some clear polish and I gave it a go on my own. The first one was really hard to do and took forever, but I was really pleased with the results, and by the second time, it was so much faster. This is going to be my cheap, go-to nail look for when I need to really look like a lawyer.

2) Old Redbook magazines--I just unearthed a huge stash in my apartment and totally forgot how great this magazine is.

3) Spotify. Yes, I just jumped on this train two weeks ago, even though it's been popular for a really long time. (For those of you who are not familiar, you can download Spotify on your computer and get almost unlimited free music, make playlists, and share songs with friends. The only downside is that you don't actually own the songs, so you can't put them on an iPod or CDs.) But I've been rediscovering all my favorite old-school Christian music from, like, 2000, as well as a bunch of great new albums that have come out.

4) homemade facial scrub made with brown sugar, lemon juice, and honey. This is the only facial/ body scrub I think I'm ever going to use. It is so easy and cheap to make, and if you leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with a hot washcloth, it will leave your skin so smooth.

5) Nicholas Sparks books. No further comment on this one.

6) This one is nerdy, but my evidence class. It is so good/ interesting, and I feel like I'm finally learning totally practical stuff about how to actually be a lawyer, conduct a trial, make objections in court, etc.

7) Atlanta Braves baseball (I've gone twice already this month). There's not much that ails you that friends, laughter, and a good baseball game can't fix.

8) The Zumba and high-intensity training classes I've been taking at the undergrad campus. Yes, this is part of my mission to finally get in shape.

9) The gene patent cases I'm researching for my case note and their implications for individualized medicine--interesting stuff.

10) the start of FALL--weather that's finally getting a little cooler, fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works like pumpkin caramel latte, end-of-season sales on summer dresses, etc.

Thanks for letting me catch up with you--come back tomorrow and read my upcoming post, "What Do Politics Have to Do With Faith?"

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