Friday, October 12, 2012

50 Things to Be Happy About

1) coffee table books
2) orange Skittles
3) Sunday afternoon naps
4) candles
5) learning how to walk in heels
6) coming home at the end of a long, long day
7) the relief of finishing a huge paper or project
8) pajama days
9) the freshness of the world after rain
10) when the bill for filling up the gas tank is less than you anticipated
11) girls' nights and wine
12) laughing so hard that no sound comes out
13) listening to 90's boy bands to get you pumped up in the morning
14) the fact that you can pray at 3:12am and God still wants to hear you
15) a freshly and spotlessly cleaned house
16) finding great bargains
17) this hilarious but wise marriage advice from a 5-year-old girl
18) that moment when you realize you're about to make it through something really difficult
19) endorphins from a great workout
20) ice-cold Coke
21) Friday paychecks
22) getting an early morning class canceled
23) getting compliments all day on clothes you bought at a thrift store
24) funny text messages
25) freshly washed sheets
26) phone calls from long-lost friends
27) reading through your old journals and realizing how far you've come
28) that long-awaited new novel from your favorite author
29) the rare full day that stretches before you with nothing to do and nowhere to be
30) fond memories of college
31) calling your grandparents
32) a long, hot shower
33) a smile from a stranger
34) crossing off every single item in your planner
35) stargazing
36) hugs
37) perusing old yearbooks
38) sunflowers
39) wearing boots and scarves in the fall
40) finding pennies on the ground
41) random acts of kindness
42) driving to your favorite music and singing along
43) brand new highlighters (ok, maybe this one is just me)
44) deep conversations
45) spontaneous adventures
46) grilled cheese, tomato soup, and hot chocolate with marshmallows: the perfect fall lunch
47) finding catharsis through writing
48) anticipating the holiday season
49) snagging the last parking space
50) pleasant surprises

Sometimes the best things really can be some of the simplest pleasures. What's on your list?

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