Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I'm realizing that it's the time of year when I don't just need a to-do list; I need an agenda. As in an hour-by-hour, do-this-at-this-particular-time agenda. We have the whole week of Thanksgiving off for break, and since I don't have classes on Friday, theoretically I could leave to go home and visit the family as early as Nov. 15th, the Thursday before. But I also have my brief and my case note due--both in hard copy--over the break (thank you, law school). So I have to have those things done and done well before I leave--I'm not going to rush through them just to jump-start my break, although that is definitely a temptation!

So anyway, here's my agenda for tomorrow:
  • 7:30am: Get to school and print out all the sources I've used for my case note so I can check the hard copies to make sure all of my citations are accurate. Start checking citations.
  • 8:30: Evidence class.
  • 9:30: Work on case note.
  • 10:50: Bioethics & law seminar.
  • 11:50: Turn in timesheets for this pay period, have lunch, make Mexican cornbread for the evening's potluck, run a couple errands
  • 2:20: Legal writing class.
  • 3:30-5: Work study in the admissions office.
  • 5-6: Go to the gym (I've realized that if I don't go before it gets dark, I don't go at all).
  • 6:30: Christian Legal Society potluck dinner & socializing
  • 9ish: Do a little cleaning, get ready for my interview Friday, and go to bed!

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