Sunday, December 22, 2013

Currently . . .

These posts on what people are currently doing/ feeling have been traveling around the blogosphere for a long time now . . . I'm stealing that idea and putting my own spin on it. Here's what's going on in my life, currently:

Excited About: Christmas. Duh. AND seeing my best friend from high school when she comes to visit me in less than three weeks!! And drinking hot chocolate on the couch with my sister while watching lots and lots of Hallmark Christmas movies that are totally reminiscent of the movies described here.

Working on: Nothing. And let me tell you, it is amazing.

Craving: Barbecue-chicken goat cheese quesadillas from this little hole-in-the wall Mexican place in Atlanta.

Texting: Juliana, Catherine, Maria, Ashley, and Jennifer. These ladies typically hear from me at least once a day each.

Inspired by: My grandparents, who have been married for SIXTY years, as of today. Isn't that fantastic?

Wanting: To find a job that I won't feel embarrassed about when people at dinner parties ask me, "What do you do?" To have something awesome to tell those people. With minimal stress and "why did I decide to get a law degree?!!" panic attacks.

Needing: To do exactly what I'm doing now: catch up on sleep, truly relax for more than 2-4 days for the first time in seven months, and be with my family.

Watching: All the crime/ FBI/ forensics shows on Netflix.

Proud of: One of my best friends, who just landed her dream job! Way to go Catherine!

Listening to: A bunch of Matt Redman. And Justin Bieber's Christmas CD.

Loving: Being done with my fifth and penultimate semester of law school.

Reading: A Moment of Truth by Lisa Scottoline. Mercy by Jodi Picoult. And yes, I did just go back and re-read my favorite Babysitter's Club book of all time: Stacey and the Mystery of the Empty House. It was sooo good.

Merry Christmas!!

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