Friday, May 2, 2014

One More Test....

Well, sort of. One more test of law school. Not counting the bar exam. The only thing that stands between me and graduation is my final exam in Torts II, which is this coming Wednesday. I understand statutes of limitations and repose, privileges and immunity, duties to occupiers of land, malicious prosecution, and some random stuff about injunctions....tomorrow is a products liability/ nuisance/ defamation day. And there are a lot more topics I'm probably forgetting at the moment. Although if I can just get products liability under control, that would be a victory in and of itself. And then I'll take my exam...and then I'll graduate...and then I'll be in Haiti!

Today was not spent studying, but rather on what has become an exam week tradition I'm starting to think of as Stupid Errand Day--all those things that HAVE to get done before the exam, and you just want to clear your to-do list so you can actually STUDY, so you spend the entire day going to the bank and meeting with financial aid and getting groceries and dealing with essential emails and filling out required senior surveys and turning in loan deferment forms and getting IT to help reinstall Windows Media Player. And yeah, it's annoying, but it really has to be done. I knocked out tons of essential items on my to-do list though, and now I actually can focus on studying for like 15 hours a day until Wednesday. This has been one of those days where I haven't even eaten dinner yet even though it is 10pm because my whole sleeping and eating schedule is totally off-kilter right now, but I have a taco casserole in the oven that should be really good. (This has also become an exam week tradition--I only ever make that casserole when I have finals).

And in other news . . . I found a beautiful $80 graduation dress this week marked down to $24 (bargain hunting for the win). And I signed up for another half-marathon today. It's on June 22. I think it's a good idea to be training for that one while I study for the bar exam because I've found repeatedly that when I have two very hard things to do at once, I do better on both of them than when I have just one thing. I'm not sure why, but that's the way it usually goes, so I'm thinking of this as my "Help Lauren Pass the Bar" run.

So this is a busy and kind of stressful time, but I'm getting there, and it will all work out. 8 days to graduation.

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