Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Final Countdown Till Graduation

Today has been pretty much the perfect day. And there won't be too many more of these in law school, I'm afraid, because the time runs short. And I will really miss this place and my friends. I've been feeling so nostalgic lately and I know that sometime between now and graduation I'm going to need to just let myself have a good cry. Law school has been good to me, and I've had some wonderful experiences in my time here. But today, I got to sleep in and then met my best friend for coffee and "to study" hahahaha. Four hours later, I had gotten approximately 15 pages of torts reviewed. Then I came home and had lunch and met her at the gym for our workout, and then came back home, showered, and have been watching Netflix and eating roasted Brussel sprouts pretty much ever since. (That's pretty much all I've eaten all day today--roasted Brussel sprouts, onion, apple, and garlic tossed with maple syrup, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and the juice of a single Clementine, topped with a little goat cheese--absolutely delicious). Tomorrow I'm going to the early service at church and then we're going to the Braves game for Geoff's birthday. At some point I really DO need to study, so I'm going to try to squeeze some of that in tomorrow too. My friend Lauren from college is coming to visit me from Monday to Wednesday, and then it's back to studying for another week, and my final exam is on the following Wednesday. Then there's nothing left but a senior dinner, a senior advanced writing program luncheon, commencement practice, and . . . graduation. But there are certainly more adventures to be had after that--Haiti, bar review classes, running another half-marathon, finding a new apartment and moving (cannot WAIT for this part--I pretty much get giddy just thinking about it), the bar exam (well, not sure I would call that an adventure), and starting work and life as a big-girl attorney. Let one journey end so the next can begin . . .

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