Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting It Done

As of today, I am officially done with law school Moot Court!! And with my advanced legal writing program!! That warrants a blog post all by itself. I am just done, done, done and am so excited about it. And over the next few weeks, I will be getting more and more things just DONE--final papers, my last exam ever, my final trial, final litigation drafting projects, and, of course, law school as a whole. I have worked my butt off for three years and am so ready to have that diploma in hand, y'all, but I know that time will be here soon enough! (I have been in school for twenty years--TWENTY. I know I will probably be having an identity crisis when I am done--as in, how do I live my life not as a student but as a professional instead--but that's part of why I'm waiting for May 10th with bated breath.)

I took a nice little nap at 8pm and woke up at 10:30pm because I knew I was going to need to be editing manuscripts for most of the night, and now thankfully, I'm wide awake for the task at hand, though I can't say I'm particularly motivated. But I am about to finish one project that has been on my desk for a month and a half, and I cannot wait to turn it in tomorrow and get that off my plate too, once and for all.

I have so much more that I want to write about and blog posts I have in mind, but I guess you'll just have to wait until I actually have time to write them. :)

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