Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Question of the Day

I've gotten to the point in my life where I am writing my own multiple choice questions in order to review. And of course, I decided to share one of them with you, since I don't really have time to blog about anything else! Any guesses as to the answer on this one? And this question is actually pretty easy, so no pressure: 

The plaintiff and defendant are involved in a car accident, where the plaintiff sustains $100,000 in damages. It was determined that the plaintiff was 50% at fault in causing the accident, while the defendant was also 50% at fault. Assume that this jurisdiction has a modified comparative negligence statute in force. Further assume that the plaintiff’s sister offered to pay, and did pay, $10,000 of the plaintiff’s medical bills to help the plaintiff out. The plaintiff’s insurance company paid for $60,000 of her damages. How much money is the plaintiff entitled to recover from the defendant?

 A) $50,000—the amount of plaintiff’s damages attributable to defendant.
 B) Nothing.
 C) $40,000—the amount of plaintiff’s damages not covered by insurance.
 D) $30,000—the amount of plaintiff’s damages not covered by collateral sources. 

I will post the answer tomorrow! 

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