Sunday, July 27, 2014


Well, I've pretty much studied as much as I can, and now my bags are packed and I'm driving up tomorrow for the bar on Tuesday and Wednesday. At a lot of junctures this summer, I've felt like this whole thing is completely can anyone learn this much stuff/ how is anyone a lawyer because I don't know how anyone passes this exam!

But then I am reminded that all things are possible with God. And that's He's already helped me do a lot of things this year that, even a matter of months ago, I would have labeled "impossible," or pretty close to it. In January, I thought I would never be able to run 13.1 miles, but in the last three months I've run two half-marathons. I thought I might never actually be able to do more mission work abroad, even though I had been wanting to for such a long time, and you all already know that I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Haiti for just that purpose 2 months ago. In fact, it was "impossible" for me to go to law school in the first place because I couldn't afford it, but God worked that situation out too, and now I have a law school diploma hanging on my wall.

I am reminded of how the Israelites were too afraid to even enter the Promised Land because there were giants in the land, and they said, "Why would God have brought us to this land only to let us fall?" But God commanded them, "I have given you the land--go in and take possession of it!" That has been one of my themes this year. If God has truly called you to do something and made a way for you to do it, He has given you the land, but it's up to you to go in and take possession of it, and to have courage no matter what stands in your way. I was praying about just this situation the other day, and I told God, "Right now I feel like David trying to go up to fight Goliath--unprepared, incapable, and facing a ridiculous obstacle between me and doing what I want to do and feel called to do (aka, being a lawyer)." But God immediately reminded my heart, "But Lauren, remember who won that fight." Remember who won that fight.

If you think something is impossible, God can always find a way to prove you wrong. Always. He has given me the land, and I'm going to go into the Georgia International Convention Center on Tuesday and take possession of it. See you on the other side.

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