Saturday, June 23, 2012

50th Post!

This is an exciting moment because this is my 50th post on this blog! That may not seem like much, and I hope to do much more writing in the future, but this is further than I have ever gotten with a blogging venture before. Keeping up with a blog was one of my biggest goals for 2012, so I'm excited to have maintained it 6 months into the new year (and about 5 1/2 months after most of my New Year's goals are long-forgotten).

To my readers who have been loyal from the start, thank you! And invite your friends to check out the blog too. I appreciate each one of you! If my words can make a positive impact on even one of you, it's completely worth it.

And for anyone who might be a brand-new reader, first of all, thank you for taking the time to check out my writing! Second, just so you know what kind of posts to expect in case you've recently come on board: I'm a law student, so I write a lot about my experiences in law school, getting ready for a career, determining what I actually want to do with my life, and a lot more. I also try to write a lot of devotionals and reflections on how to live a passionate, engaged, committed Christian life--if these things interest you or your friends, please come back for posts on those kinds of topics. I'm also hoping to do some book reviews and some movie reviews this summer. I eventually plan to try to write a devotional e-book, and it might incorporate some things from this blog. I'll keep you all updated on that as well, although that's not planned for the immediate future because I have other major commitments (i.e., law school!) to think about right now.

And I have something coming in the mail which I think will change this blog for the better: a new camera. My old camera got irreparably damaged when I visited the bubbling mud pools in Costa Rica (long story). But once I get the camera, I'm planning to take a LOT more photos for this blog. I love photography as well as writing, and I've always envisioned that my blog will reflect that, and I will soon have the tools to make it happen! And on the inevitable days when I don't feel like I can write a single word . . . well, then I can just post pictures.

Thanks again to my readers: you are the ones who make this blog totally worthwhile, and I hope you stick around!

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  1. Lauren,
    I loved your post!! Keep writing!! It makes my heart sing!! Mom


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