Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Surprises

Since I got back to Georgia on Wednesday, it has been an interesting couple of days, especially today . . . definitely some surprising interactions and events. I've had several unexpected and great conversations with people I hardly ever talk to. Then today I randomly got offered a job that I applied for . . . four months ago! I'm definitely taking the weekend to think about it and make a decision. It would be a good opportunity, but I'm not sure it would be a good idea for me to take on even more responsibilities this fall than the ones I already have.

I also finished Law Review orientation, which was pretty good (the best part was probably getting free stuff--including free food this week, free coffee in the law review office during school, and copies of the Bluebook. The non-law-school folks out there may not know the significance of that, but it is a really important legal citation manual that I will probably use for my entire career, and it costs at least $40 on Amazon, so that's money I don't have to spend. Which makes me really happy). I got my first manuscript to edit by next Friday (only 26 pages--not too bad). I also had an unexpected conversation with one of the law review publishing coordinators this morning. We had some interactions this summer that made me feel that I might have some difficulties working with her, so I was trying to just do what I was supposed to do during orientation and not attract her attention. But this morning she pulled me aside and said, "Lauren, I just want you to know that I have very high expectations for you on law review because I've been told what kind of work you are capable of." I was really surprised and just said, "Well, I will do my best to meet those expectations." So I was happy to hear that, and I have so enjoyed getting to know the 25 or so students on law review over the past couple days, so I think it will be a good year working together. Hoping for a great 2L experience--and that I will be able to not just meet, but exceed, expectations this upcoming year.

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