Thursday, August 2, 2012


I finished up work on Friday and am now on a quick vacation to see my family before I have to be back at school on the 8th. I feel like all I've done with my time off so far is watch the Olympics! Every night my mom and I are glued to the TV, riveted by the gymnastics, synchronized diving, and swimming. And I'm so excited that women's gymnastics won a gold medal!

Honestly, I think the commercials are just as inspiring as the games themselves. Like the one where one of the USA swimmers (probably Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps) is swimming, and saying, "It's not enough to dream about winning Olympic gold. It's not enought to plan for it or wish for it. Luck didn't get me to London . . . I SWAM here." That commercial pretty much inspires me to 1) become an Olympian, or 2) failing that, just change and improve the rest of my life.

I'm leaving today to go and visit my sister--we're spending the weekend together in D.C. I'm looking forward to lots of museums, sightseeing, good restaurants, and time with Meagan and her friends. I will hopefully post pictures when I get back! In the meantime . . . go watch the Olympics.

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