Sunday, November 25, 2012

50 Things to Be Happy About: November Edition

1) red cups from Starbucks in the fall
2) Christmas music
3) paying off the credit card bill in its entirety
4) getting so absorbed in a paper or project that you work on it for hours and completely lose track of time
5) a freshly washed car, especially when the rain does the job for you
6) stumbling across amazing blogs/ websites that you've never discovered before
7) the perfect words of encouragement from a close friend
8) meeting fun new people
9) the sound of children laughing
10) nail polish
11) chocolate-chip cookies warm from the oven
12) scrapbooks
13) that new favorite song ever that you listen to every single day
14) being an adult, having a driver's license, and being able to generally go where you want to go and stay out as late as you want
15) on-point advice
16) reading non-fiction
17) finding classy art to hang in your apartment
18) family movie night
19) Friday night after a really stressful week
20) DIY decorating projects
21) falling autumn leaves
22) inspiring quotes
23) seeing family over Thanksgiving
24) counting down to the end of the semester and break
25) the fact that the election is finally over
26) getting thank-you notes and wedding invitations in the mail
27) the exhilaration of travel (and daydreaming about places you'd love to go)
28) buying fresh flowers for a special someone (or for yourself)
29) spontaneous dance parties
30) meeting goals you've had for ages
31) cats
32) wearing your favorite warm red sweater on a chilly day
33) leaving the library with more books than you can carry
34) resilience
35) being healthy
36) art museums
37) pedicures
38) margaritas
39) Wednesday night Zumba classes
40) sleeping in
41) simply saying no to something you don't have to do and don't want to do
42) jigsaw puzzles
43) finishing what you start
44) finding that $20 bill you forgot you had
45) the delightful smell of old books
46) hummus and pita from an authentic Greek restaurant
47) learning something new
48) a surge of motivation
49) snow
50) a friend who is a great listener

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