Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Friday :)

The past 24 hours have just been so great that I already feel like I've pretty much had a complete weekend . . . and the weekend hasn't even started yet. :)

Prayers have been answered, new friendships are forming, I accepted the family law/ civil litigation job for next summer and am so excited about it, I led a really fun school tour this morning, great conversations have been had, ambitious goals have been set, and I even joined a Moot Court team, which I've been wanting to do pretty much forever.

Looking forward to girls' night tonight complete with friends, food, wine, and lots of laughter and shenanigans as we celebrate my friend's fast-approaching wedding. Lunch followed by an "outlining party" at Barnes and Noble with my friend tomorrow . . . trying to be productive! Sitting down with some hot cocoa and the movie The Lucky One sometime this weekend because it was finally released on Netflix. Then church followed by lots and lots of writing on Sunday, which may turn into a Sunday afternoon nap, but that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

But first I've got to finish cleaning my apartment, go to the gym, and tackle some of that writing and editing that needs to get accomplished soon. Hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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