Sunday, August 25, 2013

Christ Is Enough

This morning I was thinking that I just need to hire a personal assistant . . . someone who can do my laundry, wash my dishes, run all my errands, order textbooks, check over my degree audit to make sure I'm going to graduate on time, send all my emails, return my library books, gather references for my bar application, and find 150 attorneys willing to serve as judges for the Moot Court competition. With all those practical tasks done, I might actually have time to prepare for classes, edit manuscripts, job search, and have a social life--tasks I can't exactly delegate. That would definitely make my life easier, I feel like.

All that said, it is truly a relief, and a joy, to be back in a place where I am surrounded by friends, where I know the ropes and know what is expected of me and am capable of meeting my expectations, and where younger students look to me for help and advice. It makes me really happy to feel needed, and so I love it when 1Ls and 2Ls stop me in the halls to ask me questions or get advice on things. One of my biggest goals for my last year of law school is to be a good mentor to them.

And finally, on this beautiful Sunday morning, I want to share with you all the song I've been listening to on repeat every single day for about a month now: Christ Is Enough by Hillsong Live. I love, love, love the message of this song. In all the uncertainties and hectic hustle of my life and everybody's lives, Christ is truly enough, and we can always rejoice in His utter sufficiency. He is the hope that is the anchor of our souls. And, as the song talks about, we can and should decide right now to follow Jesus without turning back--the cross before us, the world behind us, following Him completely and obediently.

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