Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rainy Saturday

It is a very rainy and gloomy Saturday here. I normally am not a big fan of rain, but on days when I don't really need to go anywhere or be anywhere, I pretty much love the rain. This is perfect weather for what I need to do anyway: deep clean my apartment. There's something very homey and comfortable about washing dishes, vacuuming floors, and organizing my closet while the rain pounds on the windows. And then I plan to top off my cleaning with some sitting on my couch watching the Andy Griffith show, because I've had a major craving lately. Maybe I'm just weird, but that is my plan for the day! And I hope to get to the brand-new coffee shop that just opened downtown sometime today too.

Other life updates:
  •  A bunch of my classmates are taking the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination--basically the lawyer ethics test that's required for the bar) today, and it reminds me that this bar exam stuff is the real deal and coming up fast. I'm not taking the MPRE until the November administration, but it's beginning to hit home that this is all coming together. I need to email some old professors and employers soon to start pulling together a list of willing character references for the bar exam, too.
  • Draft of the legal ethics Moot Court problem is totally finished and in my editors' hands! I've already heard some good feedback on it so I'm really excited.
  • Law review orientation is done and went so incredibly well this week. We have an amazing group of 2Ls joining law review and I've gotten to meet and spend quality time with, well, all of them after spending both of the last 2 days together. What excites me most about being a law review editor is that I have the ability to set the tone, in many ways, for how the staff relates to each other. My biggest goal is to break down the barriers that always seem to exist between the 2L and 3L classes--I mean, I remember when I was a 2L on law review, the 2Ls and 3Ls never really mingled with each other or talked to each other. I am determined to change that this year. I made a point to talk to every single new 2L staff member and get to know them at orientation, and I want them to know that I--and hopefully every other 3L board member--is available to them for any questions and concerns they might have. This is my opportunity to be a mentor and set an example, and I want to embrace it, because that's basically why I wanted to join the editorial board in the first place.
  • I enjoyed some wonderful Indian food and catch-up time this week with another friend that I hadn't seen all summer. As usual, it wasn't long before we were talking in depth about everything from school, to jobs, to dating, to qualities we look for in men, to race relations, to subtle sexism in the workplace. I LOVE our crazy conversations.
Well, that's all for now, I hope you all are having a great weekend!

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