Monday, July 16, 2012

Planning the Next Steps

I'm just so excited about the doors that seem to be opening up through the work I've had this summer in admissions. Working with law student recruiting is something that I love doing and that I can easily see myself doing either short term, for a couple years after I graduate while I determine my next steps (like possibly going into forensic psychology), or even on a more long-term basis.

I was talking to the director of admissions today, and she was telling me how she knew that working in traditional law practice was not for her (and I feel exactly the same way). But she told me how much she absolutely loves her job, and how it's been the perfect fit for her. I've felt the exact same way about the work I've been doing this summer with students and their families, and I'm pretty sure I would be very happy pursuing this type of work as a more permanent career. Along those lines, she was telling me that admissions and recruiting positions at law schools around the Southeast are constantly being posted on job boards, and she sent me one of the postings. She told me she wished I was graduating now because we actually have an open position like that at my school now. But she said that she will help me figure out how to look for those types of jobs when I'm in my last year of law school, and how to navigate that process. I'm so excited that I really could become a director of law school admissions and financial aid, or something very similar, in just two short years (our director is a relatively recent grad herself, so it's definitely possible). I just felt like my next steps were really coming together, in the sense that I have a very clear idea of where I want to go next, and how to get there (not to mention a fantastic mentor to help me out).

A couple weeks ago, I had a very awkward conversation with a guy that I don't know very well. He asked me what I'm doing this summer. I told him about my job, and how I'd really like to work in law admissions at least for a while when I finish school. "Why?" he asked. "So you can catch up on sleep after law school?" Um . . . seriously? I thought about daring him to call up the dean of admissions at my school and tell her that that's what he apparently thought of her career, but I resisted the urge! I also resisted the urge to tell him that he shouldn't assume I'm lazy/ not smart when he doesn't even know me. (I might add that I found this guy incredibly attractive and intriguing before this, but after that conversation? Not so much!) This was also the same day I had another very awkward conversation with another guy who was asking me about my career plans, and I was telling him, and he said, "It sounds like you don't have it figured out AT ALL." So awkward! I never know what to say in situations like that . . . thanks for the vote of confidence?

But I've got to keep reminding myself that I'm not choosing a career for other people . . . it's for me and I need to do what I think is right for me. While I hope people won't judge me and my choices if they find out I have a law degree that I'm using in a non-traditional way, they can if they want to, and I'll just have to prove them wrong by working harder.

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  1. You are right Lauren, that your career is what you sense God calling you to do and not friends, families, etc. that determine your work. Even though, their influence can certainly make us feel confident or unsure about what we are doing. It has taken me many years to truly say that it doesn't matter what others think, only what God thinks. God has had a plan for you since the beginning of time. Find it, pursue it with a passion, and there is great joy!!! Exactly like you are experiencing this summer!! Love you!!! Mom


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