Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Way That I Take

I always write inspiring quotes, verses, song lyrics, etc., on the inside front covers of my journals, based on the things I find inspirational at the time. While I was cleaning my room tonight, I was flipping through an old journal and found this forgotten gem of a verse that I had copied down inside: "But the Lord knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold" (Job 23:10).

The Lord knows the way that I take. He knows the way that I take when I am walking through the deepest and darkest valley. He knows the way that I take when I am shouting his praises from the mountain top. He intimately knows my fears, my sorrow, my heartache, my passion, my joy, my tears, my yearning. As 1 Samuel 2:3 simply reminds us, "The Lord is a God who knows." He knows. He understands. He commiserates. He gets it. There is no path we can travel that our Savior will not know. And not only does He know all of our paths, He experiences all of life with us. He doesn't just know about our pain; He knows our pain as if it were his own. He holds our tears in the palm of His hand. He knows our need, our losses, our triumphs. He is a God who knows. His understanding is unfathomable, matched only by His unrelenting love for us.

Our paths and our ways are not forgotten. They can never be so dark that God doesn't see what we're experiencing. The rain in our lives can never fall so hard that the Lord loses his view of our paths or His grip on our hearts. He walks through all of our paths with us, holding us by the hand, turning the mountains into roads so that we might glorify Him. No matter what you are facing--failure, illness, disability, unbelief, loss, financial setbacks, or even the Georgia bar exam next week--remember that your Savior is a God who knows the way that you take and feels the pain and the joy with you.

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