Sunday, January 13, 2013

4th Semester of Law School!

Well, I'm finally back and ready for my 4th semester of law school . . . I am really excited about what the next few months have in store.

I'll be taking classes in intellectual property, domestic relations, wills, trusts, & estates, and statutory law, along with an advanced writing group, Moot Court, and law review.

On Thursday, I drove back here from NC and also met with some of the people at the firm I'll be working at this summer, Friday I had a Moot Court workshop, and then this weekend I've mostly been organizing, cleaning out tons of stuff to give to Goodwill, and just generally getting my life in order. I literally took a whole carload of stuff to Goodwill yesterday. I have NO idea how I fit that many unnecessary items in my small apartment in the first place! And given some of the junk I donate (half-burned candles, old socks, a broken hairdryer, you get the idea), I feel like the Goodwill employees probably run away when they see me coming. Oh well, maybe my trash will be somebody's treasure!

After church and a really great Sunday afternoon nap today, I've been rushing around doing laundry, reading for class tomorrow, and doing some cooking for dinners this week (on my menu: crockpot Mexican chicken soup and spinach quiche).

This weekend I received this sweet letter written in French from the little girl I sponsor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo . . . thankfully there was an English translation to go with it or I would have been so lost, but this is definitely going on my fridge!

As I begin this semester, I'm trying to keep in mind all the goals and dreams I have for the months and the year ahead. To that end, I hung this poster I made above my desk to keep reminding me of the kind of person I want to be:

And finally, I designed a little "prayer nook" in my apartment this weekend to remind me to stop, relax, and rest in the Lord, especially when life gets crazy:

I hope you all have had wonderful weekends and feel ready to dive into the week ahead . . . thanks for reading!

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