Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, Fresh Start

Welcome to 2013! Joining everyone else in their New Years' Resolution blog posts, here are some goals I have for 2013 . . . some serious, some not so serious.

1) Refuse to allow anyone else to determine how happy I have a right to be. No one can steal my joy, and no one else has the ability to decide my attitude.

2) Know when it's ok to settle and when it's not. I have a right to be picky when it comes to my future--and so do you!

3) Watch all ten seasons of Friends at some point this year.

4) Read 50 high-quality books this year (which may sound like a lot, but really, one book a week is not impossible).

5) Run a half-marathon.

6) Improve this blog, gain new readers, and produce more and significantly better content.

7) Kindly, gently, but firmly, release myself from emotionally toxic, fake "friendships," and refuse to feel guilty about doing so. That doesn't mean treating these people rudely, never speaking to them again, or not wishing the best for them . . . but life is way too short to waste tons of emotional energy on people who aren't genuine, who only care about their own image, who are self-absorbed, who ignore you, etc.--and who are probably never going to change. This goes for any kind of relationship, but sometimes, you have to realize that the person you want someone to be, or the person that you thought they were, or the person that they could be, is simply not the person that they ARE. And you have to act accordingly.

8) The flip side of that--invest myself in genuine, deep friendships, and let my family and friends know how much I care about them on a very regular basis.

9) Do well in my law school classes and activities and make decisions I feel good about concerning what I want to do and where I want to do it post-graduation.

10) Work on being more: Assertive. Tenacious. Authentic. Compassionate.

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