Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Florida in February :)

So this weekend, my friend/ teammate and I, plus our two coaches, went down to Fort Lauderdale to compete in an ABA regional "client counseling" competition. (Basically, the idea is that you and your partner are acting as attorneys meeting with a new "client" for the first time, played by an actor. You're scored on how well you elicit information from the client, build a rapport with them, explain the relevant law to them, and help them to come up with appropriate solutions.)

We had a really good time, and we ended up making it to the semifinals before we got eliminated. I think we were all pretty happy with how we did given that we only had a few short weeks to practice, prepare, and learn the appropriate areas of substantive law. Plus, it was definitely fun to take a little mini-vacation to Florida in February. I could not go to law school down there. Seeing palm trees out my classroom window and knowing the beach is a short drive away would be too distracting! So here are some pictures from the trip:

Lake right outside the law school. Talk about distraction. 

This picture totally cracks me up.

OK, this one turned out a little better.


At our post-competition seafood dinner by the beach

We ended up getting back from FL late Saturday night. And as of Sunday, I have a new job for next school year: managing editor of the Law Review. I know it will be a lot of work, but I'm really excited to have that opportunity to represent my school, and I have fantastic people to work with who are also new members of the editorial board for next year.
So all in all, a very busy but very good weekend! Thanks for reading!

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