Sunday, May 27, 2012

6 Degrees of Separation?

Today I had one of those great experiences where you totally and unexpectedly reconnect with a friend from your past. You know how they say there are only 6 degrees of separation between you and everyone else on the planet? Sometimes I think it's got to be less than that. I mean, I've actually met a lot of people since moving here for law school who know people that I know from college, or who I have other weird connections with. But today, I was at church when out of the blue, I saw Emily, who was three years behind me at W&L, a friend of mine, and also really good friends with my old roommate and close college friend, Lauren. I was stunned to see her--I never knew that she had any connections to this area or knew anyone here. I went to go talk to her after the service, and it was so good to see her and reconnect. As it turns out, she was here visiting her grandmother--who has been a member of my church all this time, but I had never met her, even though I've been going to this same church ever since August. That connection had pretty much been right in front of me this whole time, but I doubt I would have ever met Emily's grandmother if I hadn't seen her here today. I ended up going out for lunch with both of them and really having a wonderful conversation. It's just so much fun when you end up randomly running into old friends that you never expected to see!

And also, I've been meaning to post a list like this on here for awhile, but this is a list of some of my favorite blogs that you should check out:
  • Cal Newport's blog, Study Hacks. It has tons of ideas, not just for improving your life as a student, but also about productivity and success in general.
  • Scott Young's blog. He decided to teach himself everything necessary to get a computer science degree from MIT--in one year. And he blogged about the whole experience. He also has a lot of great ideas about learning, etc.
  • Celebrate (especially check out the great post about giving from a few days ago)
  • Check out this really inspirational post from a fellow law student, who I actually went to college with.
  • Mark Batterson's blog. Great devotional-type blog from a wonderful writer and pastor.
  • Debra Fileta's blog. Just discovered this one a few days ago, but it has wonderful insights, devotionals, and thoughts on Christian living, all written by a Christian counselor.
  • Steven Furtick's blog. Great devotional/ motivational thoughts from a pastor.
I'll probably keep adding to this list . . . enjoy!

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