Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Plans

This week has been pretty hectic, with starting my job in the admissions office (including leading a bunch of tours of campus) and trying to write a "case note" for the writing competition to be on Law Review. It seems relatively simple at first--an 8-11 page paper on a major landmark Supreme Court case, and we all wrote on the same case and had the same 3 background cases given to us. It was due last night at midnight, and the current members of Law Review will evaluate the quality of the case note as well as GPA/ class rank to determine who will be selected to write for Law Review this upcoming year. I read through most of the materials on Wednesday and Thursday, but didn't really get the ball rolling with writing until yesterday. With only a couple short breaks, I wrote from about 7:30am till 11:15 last night when I finally submitted it. Thankfully, the law school was closed yesterday for the long weekend so I had off work. I was so glad to get that done, though, and be able to really get started enjoying my long weekend!

Here's some of my goals for the rest of the summer:
  • Blog really consistently (and maybe attract some new readers, too!)
  • Brush up on Spanish so I can officially say I am "fluent"
  • Read a bunch of books on my list of "things I want to read when I finally have time"
  • Start working on reading the New Testament in Greek (this is actually why I wanted to study Greek in college, but I have yet to actually tackle this project--no better time than now to start, even though I probably won't finish till the end of this year)
  • Get in better shape/ be more consistent with exercise
  • Try to make 10 recipes I've never made before to expand my cooking repertoire--started this one this week when I made Paula Deen's sweet corn casserole and bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates. SO delicious!
It was about 100 degrees down here today, so I'm probably going to be ready to relocate to the North Pole by August. But there are some great things about Georgia summer, including perfect pool weather pretty much all the time and all the peaches you can eat. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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