Friday, March 8, 2013

Ten Reasons . . .

. . . why this week was great:
1) law school charity auction last night! The theme was "decadent white party." So fun, AND we raised a lot of money for two children's charities.

2) Both of my classes were canceled this afternoon. So, after several failed plans to see this movie, I finally got to see Safe Haven this afternoon (and it was really good. I'd definitely recommend it).
3) I got to have spicy curry and catch up on all the law school gossip at the best Thai restaurant in town tonight with one of my funniest friends.
4) I found some great new blogs that are inspiring me to write more . . . like, the kind that are so interesting that you dig way back into the archives to read everything this person has ever written.
5) Moot Court practice is going well. And I think my team is going to manage to be ready for our competition in a month.
6) I discovered the art of the 20-minute dance workout in my living room when I really don't feel like driving over to the gym.
7) I had some rare free time to lay on my couch and read a book.
8) Spring is in the air. Finally.
9) I got a card from the child I sponsor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Definitely going on my fridge.
10) I got both my ABA Journal and Student Lawyer magazines today (nerdy reading material for the weekend!)
Happy Friday, y'all!


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