Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thought for the Day

This morning my pastor said something that really struck me: "God has already invested far too much in you to ever give up on you or fail you now."

I know that this is so true, but how often we forget that it is true. How often we forget that if God has already given us life in Christ, and made the ultimate investment in us, than He can and will provide for all of our other needs as well. He can and will carry on with the good work He has started in us until it's totally finished. He can and will allow His grace to meet us in our place of greatest need, greatest loss, greatest desire. We know that God can do all these things and more, but so often we act as though He can't, or that He won't.

But He has already given us Himself. The power of the risen Christ already dwells within us. He will do all these things and more.

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