Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adventures in the Windy City

I had such a great time in Chicago with Lauren! It was so good to see her for the first time in a really long time. We were finally able to talk and talk and catch up on everything, and I was able to see where she lives (technically Evanston, IL, but she's a short train ride away from Chicago).
Here are some pictures and highlights from the trip:
The obligatory "my view from the airplane" photo.
We went to the Chicago Symphony on Thursday night! Which, of course, was outstanding.
We spent awhile exploring the Art Institute of Chicago . . . they have a great Picasso exhibit right now.

Some iconic landmarks . . . skyscrapers and the Bean!

Some of the city's famous deep-dish pizza: with all the cheese, it's probably a heart attack on a crust, but it sure was delicious!

Walking on the beach by Lake Michigan.

And touring Northwestern University.
We had a really good time going to a lot of fun shops, including one of the American Girl retail outlets, and we warmed up from the chilly weather in this little coffee shop:
The weekend also included lots of great conversations, touring the lab where Lauren works, going to a free wine tasting in Evanston, Monopoly games, Redbox movies, and lots of great food. I hope I get to go back sometime!


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