Sunday, May 5, 2013

Study Break Musings

I never want to take three law school exams in four days again in my entire life! It's pretty exhausting/ miserable. And I still have one left on Tuesday and a paper to finish.

But there's been some silver linings during this crazy week, like:
  • amazing conversations about gender equality, race relations, religion, and other stuff that matters the day before one of my exams.
  • fitting 5,014 words on my one-page, front-side-only cheat sheet allowed for my domestic relations exam . . . winning
  • nude flats from Target for only $12 . . . shoes for the office this summer.
  • skinny vanilla lattes and study sessions at Starbucks that turn into laugh sessions.
  • going to the new Goodwill that I've never been to before, the one that looks like people went on shopping sprees at Target and then donated their stuff
  • having a few free moments to finally do some serious, much-needed journaling (those moments where you finally put into words something you've needed to write about for years . . . that's what I'm talking about).
  • telling a friend, who I've never talked about matters of faith with before, that I'm a Christian, and having her say, "Oh, that's what I thought."
  • Having a friend who comes by my apartment to drop off a double chocolate cupcake to brighten my intellectual property study marathon (by the way, random fact for you: The craziest thing I've learned in intellectual property so far is that someone actually tried to patent a system where people would use color-coded bracelets to indicate to the world whether they were single or not so as to "limit the embarrassment of rejection"! Yes. This is a thing--look it up!)
Counting down the days till 2L is done and I have a little vacation time before work! Ok my blog break is over . . . back to the books.

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